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Christian funeral packages are very proper and comprehensive, where all the activities and funeral services comply with Christian funeral customs in Singapore.

Usually, Christian funerals are held a few days after the deceased’s death, and the services depend on whether or not the deceased left any specifications for their funeral.

Some people highlight that they would prefer cremation while others insist on burial. Regardless of the specifications, Christians have a strong belief in a better life after death, owing to the several teachings about life after death in the Bible.

So, if you are a Christian or you are organising a funeral for a deceased Christian, what are the packages that you should expect to see in Singapore?

What you need to know about Christian funeral packages

For Christians, it serves to note that most Christian funeral packages for funerals are held at HDB void decks, funeral parlours and private residences. Moreover, different homes and funeral parlours require different tent layouts.

As a result, most setups for funeral packages require customised quotations from funeral consultants.

What a typical Christian funeral package in Singapore entails

This section highlights the material, events and activities common to most funeral packages:

1. Casket

A casket is a standard inclusion in funeral packages. The casket type most likely indicated is a wooden casket with a polished wood finishing or an open casket viewing section that is made of glass.

2. Body collection and preparation

The body can be collected either from the hospital or from their homes and transported to an embalming theatre. The body is then embalmed to last for the entire duration of the funeral and its preparations.

This section also includes additional cosmetics such as makeup and hair care for the deceased. Dressing and casketing are done subsequently, after which the casket together with the body is sent back to the place of wake.

3. Arrangements for the funeral day

Depending on the type of funeral being planned for, certain packages include booking of cremation slots at specific crematoriums. A hearse is then scheduled to transport the casket to the crematorium. Pallbearers are also assigned to accompany the hearse to carry it when needed.

4. Setting up of the casket area

Some packages include tent, curtains and carpeted flooring at the casket area. A Christian funeral backdrop and decor together with surrounding canvas are also included.

5. Assembling tables and chairs for the wake

The number of tables and chairs may vary depending on the funeral package you choose. What you can expect by default, are about 25 tables and 100 plastic chairs.

6. Other setups found in most packages

In areas where there is no air conditioning, fans provision is included in the package. The packages also incorporate general lighting, mobile toilets, funeral photo setups, funeral floral arrangements, aircon bus transport and ash collection.

Pricing for funeral packages

Although these are not the default rates for all Christian funeral services in Singapore, you are most likely to spend to the tune of the following prices (2019):

  • About $4,800 to $5,200 for a 3-day funeral
  • From $5,200 to $6,200 for a 5-day funeral


It is more effective to choose a funeral package that tinkers with your budget and provides at least most of the services and equipment you need to ensure a smooth funeral planning.

Casket Fairprice Team
Casket Fairprice Team