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Shown below are some photos from Buddhist funerals arranged by Casket Fairprice Funeral Services Singapore. For information on our Buddhist Funeral Service Packages, please click here for more details or call us at 6455 9909.

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For Buddhists, a funeral marks the beginning of a new journey, in the cycle of life and death. A funeral is an occasion where Buddhist families show their filial piety and love for the deceased by assisting them into the afterlife. Cremation is common for Buddhist funeral in Singapore, which can be held at Mandai Crematorium, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Crematorium, or Tse Toh Aum Crematorium. Buddhist monks will usually be present to chant the last rites at the funeral. In Singapore, many may be unfamiliar with Buddhist rites and traditions, which is why our funeral advisors, with years of experience, can guide you and help you with the funeral arrangements to ensure a smooth and dignified funeral.