Covid-19 Regulations

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, funeral arrangements and services have been affected. The enforcement of safe distancing measures means there won’t be large gatherings in funeral services as it used to be before. Read on to find out more about what we have been doing to keep our staff and customers safe.

Funerals in the New Normal

SafeEntry QR code

To aid in contact tracing measures, SafeEntry QR codes are provided for all funeral wakes and will be displayed at a prominent location near the entrance

Provision of ____

A set of thermometer and a bottle of hand sanitiser will be provided for all funeral wakes to keep family members and visitors of the wake safe. Remember to sanitise your hands before and after visiting the wake!

Live Streaming Services

Live streaming can be arranged for families who will like to opt for this service. Whether it be for family members who are unable to make it back to Singapore due to Covid-19 or if the dearly departed has a extended network of friends and relatives, this service will be able to help those who are unable to be present at the wake view the funeral.

Individually Packaged Snacks and Drinks

Visitors at wakes will be familiar with the sight of a bowl of peanuts and guazi in the middle of the every table. However, these will all be replaced with individual packets of snacks and drinks for attendees. Grab your own packet of snacks and avoid the risk of _____!

Reduction of Crowds

In line with safe distancing measures by NEA, all funerals are limited to 30 attendees. Tables and chairs will be reduced to ____ this measure.

Wake Cordon

To ensure the safety of people who visit the wake and to ensure that families are able to keep track of the crowd at the wake, we will be cordoning off the wake area and only allowing a small entrance for visitors to enter and exit from. This allows the family to be better able to maintain and control the crowd and abide by safe measurements.

Limit on Cremation / Burial Attendees

Cremations and burials are limited to 30 pax. For cremation at Mandai, our funeral advisors will hand out a visitor entry pass for attendees who will be at the viewing session.

Bento Sets

Buffet and live cooking stations will be paused until further notice to prevent the unnecessary spreading of germs. Bento sets will be used as replacement during this period of time for families who would still like to opt for meals to be provided for themselves and

Keeping All Safe

Funerals in the New Normal

With the Covid-19 way of life becoming the new normal, we have adapted our funeral practices to accommodate safe management measures and to ensure that the funeral is still held in a manner that is ___ to families. The safety of our staff, our suppliers, the families who engage us, the attendees who visit the wake and the general public are of utmost importance to us. Nothing is more important than ensuring that we are all able to safely make it back to our families at the end of the day, knowing that we have done our part in keeping ourselves and the people around us safe. That is why we emphasise the importance of safe distancing and mask wearing, and we try our best to ensure that our premises and wakes are a safe environment for all to visit.