Straight Case Funeral Service (Direct Cremation)

About Direct Cremation


This package is inclusive of coffin (model: S03), shifting from hospital, dressing the deceased (with clothes provided by next-of-kin), funeral pallbearers and hearse. This direct funeral package is suitable for those who prefer not to hold a wake. A short memorial service can be conducted at the service hall of the crematorium before the cremation.

Direct Cremation Services

$1,688 Nett

Casket (Model: S03)
Dressing and make-up
$100 Cremation Fee (Only applicable for Mandai)
Professional Service Team

Collect deceased from hospital or home
Transport to our office for dressing and encoffining
Booking of cremation slot
Professional service team and hearse

Direct Funeral Services Cremation - Mandai Crematorium 1
Direct Funeral Services Cremation - Mandai Crematorium 2
Funeral Services Singapore - Christian Funeral Service - Cremation - Mandai Crematorium 2

Additional Information About Our Direct Funeral Services


  • A sea burial (scattering of ashes at sea) or inland ash scattering at the Garden of Peace can also be arranged at an additional cost.
  • Other funeral packages are also available.
  • Pre-arrangement for funerals can be made in advance. Call Casket Fairprice at 6455 9909.
  • All Casket Fairprice packages are payable only when the goods and services are delivered; no advance payment or deposit is required.

Why Choose Casket Fairprice For Direct Funeral Services?

At Casket Fairprice, our team is made up of professionals that have acquired the experience and expertise in handling funerals. Short funeral and memorial services should be held professionally to help family members send their loved one off properly.

Our direct funeral package includes both the preparation and the procession in order to help reduce your stress during this difficult time. Our professionals will carefully handle the funeral services to suit the family’s needs. We fully believe your loved one deserves to be sent off in a dignified manner

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About Direct Funeral Services In Singapore

Can I Have A Funeral Without Service?

Based on the wishes of the family or the dearly departed, having a funeral without an extended service is possible. Usually, a short memorial or praying service takes place at the crematory hall before the funeral.

For family members that are not familiar with the funeral and memorial process, getting help from a funeral company is a good decision. At Casket Fairprice, our direct funeral service includes booking a crematory hall which is helpful during the most difficult times.

What Can I Do Instead Of A Long Funeral Service?

Instead of a long funeral service, you may organise a short one and thereafter, you may:

  • Create a memorial at your house
  • Visit the graveyard or the columbarium to pay respect and hold a prayer
  • Spread the ashes as wished by the deceased person
  • Create a new activity, such as volunteering in memory of your loved one
Can Mourners Attend A Direct Cremation?

The bereaved families and friends can gather at the cremation hall before the cremation process takes place. Of course, the arrangement will comply with the current COVID-19 guidelines.

How Do I Contact Casket Fairprice For Immediate Assistance?

Contact Casket Fairprice for immediate assistance when death occurs. Our team will inform you of the process and carefully discuss what you need for the funeral and memorial services.