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Embalming is the art and science of preserving the body of the deceased for a certain period of time.
This is usually carried out to make the deceased suitable for public or private casket-viewing as part of the funeral ceremony.

Embalming At Casket Fairprice

At Casket Fairprice, we offer embalming services as part of our funeral packages. Embalming will be done by our in-house certified embalmer who has had years of experience and will provide the highest level of care and professionalism.

Casket Fairprice strives to leave bereaved family members with a beautiful last memory of their loved one. Find out what the embalming process entails in Singapore.

Massaging The Body

When a person dies, the body naturally undergoes several changes. One of the noticeable changes is where the muscles stiffen and limbs, as well as other parts of the body, become rigid. The change is popularly referred to as rigor mortis. Stiffening of the muscles can start about 2 to 6 hours after death. After washing the body, embalmers start by massaging, flexing and bending the arms and legs to relieve the rigidity and loosen up the muscles to prep for the next step.


Injecting Embalming Fluids

In a process called arterial embalming, a small incision will be made at the neck to inject embalming fluids into the arteries. At the same time, the blood is drained from the body through the veins. As the body is massaged thoroughly, this will ensure the chemical solution will flow smoothly through the body. This allows a thorough disinfection and preservation to take place.

Next, cavity embalming is done whereby so the embalming fluids can be pumped into the internal organs of the body. Gas and fluid contents will also be drained out. Once done, the incisions will be sutured.


Setting The Features

Special attention is paid to other parts of the body such as cleaning the fingernails, and removing any stains on the body. Ear hairs may be removed as well as the trimming of any unsightly facial hairs. The eyes will be closed using plastic eye caps or body adhesive, while the mouth will be closed by suture or setting a wire.


Grooming And Hairstyling

With proper application of makeup, the deceased can look like they’re in peaceful slumber. The aim is to achieve a more life-like presentation, especially if there will be a casket viewing. The embalmer may also style the hair by brushing or using hairsprays and gels.

Finally, the deceased will be dressed in the clothes provided by the family. The choice of clothes can also be selected for religious reasons. For example, according to Buddhist funeral customs, some deceased may be dressed in Hai Qing robe and avoid anything fancy like jewellery.


Professional Embalming In Singapore

While embalming is not required by law in Singapore, it is often advisable if the family chooses to allow viewing of the deceased during the funeral. Otherwise, the body may be placed in a hermetically sealed coffin for a maximum of 7 days before cremation or burial.

Dignity for the Departed Campaign

Ongoing from 16 December 2022 to 17 January 2023
(Just in time for spring cleaning!)

Casket Fairprice is accepting unused makeup products from the public as part of our green efforts to practice sustainability and reduce product wastage. 

Decluttering your home for the new year? Received makeup products that just aren’t the right shade for you? Instead of throwing them out, send them to us!

All donated products will be repurposed and used by our embalmers during the makeup and dressing process, for beautification and restoration. Upon receiving the makeup items, our embalmers will first inspect and ensure that the items received are still in proper and good condition to be used on the dearly departed.

Dignity Through the Power of Makeup

Makeup is a powerful tool – formidable yet dynamic. For the living, it enhances one’s physical appearance. And for the departed, it restores their appearance back to what it once was, giving them a glorious and dignified send-off while looking their best. Bereaved families find solace as they bid their final farewells, their memories etched with a beautiful last memory of their loved one.

I hope that families feel assured and comforted that their loved ones are in our safe hands as we do our best in dressing and doing their makeup. Their loved ones are treated right with respect and dignity.

John Soh

Lead Embalmer

I hope to be able to bring peace and tranquillity to the loved ones of the deceased, allowing them to reminisce and keep good memories they share with the deceased as they say their final farewells.

Walter Chan

Assistant Embalmer

How to Donate?

Mail us or drop your makeup products at:

Casket Fairprice, 37 Sin Ming Drive #01-571, Singapore (575711)

(Available for drops offs on Sun – Fri 8.30am – 4.30pm and Sat 8.30am – 1pm)

Donation Details

Types of makeup products most commonly used:

  • Concealer
  • High coverage foundation
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Lipstick
  • Blush
  • Setting powder and spray

Casket Fairprice Offers Embalming Services In Singapore By Certified Embalmers

Your loved one will be professionally treated in our embalming room located in our funeral parlour. You need not worry about additional or hidden costs as embalming is included in our funeral services and packages.

Feel free to contact us at +65 6455 9909 should you need guidance or advice from a funeral director.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About Embalming In Singapore

Must I Embalm My Loved One?
Embalming is advisable if the funeral ceremony involves a casket-viewing, where family and friends are able to see the deceased lying in the casket. This is because human bodies start decomposing the moment the person dies and usually results in discolouration in the skin, potent odours. This may possibly lead to hygiene, health and safety concerns, especially if family and friends request to give the deceased a kiss or touch their hands for the last time.

In addition to ensuring the deceased looks presentable and dignified, embalming slows down the decomposition process and makes it safe for family members’ last direct contact with their loved ones.

What If The Deceased Passed On Due To A Contagious Disease?
In general, embalming personnel and staff will put on the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for the embalming process. However, embalming may not be allowed if the deceased had passed on due to contagious or infectious diseases. You may get in touch with us should you need any clarifications.
Is Embalming Possible If The Deceased Passed On Due To An Unfortunate Accident?
This is assessed on a case-by-case basis. If the body is in a fairly good condition and can be embalmed to look presentable, embalming may be possible. Otherwise, the family is advised to close the casket immediately and not hold casket-viewing for guests during the funeral. These are usually for bodies that were severely burned or highly decomposed
Are There Additional Costs For Embalming?
At Casket Fairprice, embalming is included in our funeral packages so you will not have to add on extra costs.