Funeral Packages Singapore

For pricing and details of funeral packages, please click on the images below.

Funeral Packages

At Casket Fairprice, our funeral packages are very competitively priced. We have a transparent pricing policy, which you can find out the prices of our funeral service packages on our website. The contents within the funeral package are itemised clearly, so you know what you are paying for. We endeavour to keep our prices as low as reasonably possible. We honour the pricing we advertise and quote, so our clients will not be shocked, surprised or saddled with hidden charges.

Our promise is to offer our products and services at fair and reasonable costs without compromising on quality. We aim to bring you some solace while providing professional care in doing all the necessary arrangements according to your needs. Our supportive team are well versed in funeral customs and traditions in Singapore and are able to provide advice competently. We are trained to be understanding, attentive and compassionate to help in any way possible.

The following are the standard funeral packages we provide. Please click on the relevant funeral package to check the details and cost.


Singapore Buddhist Funeral Packages
Singapore Christian Funeral Packages
Singapore Freethinker Funeral Packages

We promise our customers to offer our funeral packages, products and services at a reasonable and affordable price, and we honour what we advertise and quote. If you choose to have the wake at home without any tentage services, we can deduct the tentage out from the price of the package. Alternatively, if you prefer another type of funeral parlour over ours, we can deduct our funeral parlour out from the price of the package. We have a flexible funeral and casket package arrangement, because every family and their needs are unique and there are many various options to personalise the funeral.

  • Pre-arrangement for funerals can be made in advance. Call Casket Fairprice @ 6455 9909.
  • All Casket Fairprice funeral packages are payable only when the goods and services are delivered; no advance payment or deposit is required.

We invite you to contact us to enquire on any of our funeral and casket packages, and make the necessary funeral arrangements in Singapore. You can discuss with us on pre-planning your wishes for your own future funeral or plan for a departed loved one, and inform us on the exact details the way you would like it to be. We believe everyone deserves a dignified funeral and we will always do our utmost to ensure the funeral goes smoothly as planned.

CaseTrust Accreditation

Casket Fairprice is the preferred funeral services in Singapore. Our funeral packages have got you covered for all funeral service needs. Our transparent pricing makes us stand out from the rest. Casket Fairprice Pte Ltd is a CaseTrust accredited business since September 2015. Our CaseTrust accreditation further assure consumers of our best business practices, commitment to fair trading and transparency. Families and clients are assured of our business integrity and systems when engaging us for their funeral service needs.

Casetrust is the accreditation arm of the Consumers Association of Singapore ( CASE ), and is Singapore’s de facto standard for companies who wish to demonstrate their commitment to fair trading and transparency to consumers.