Why Should I Consider Pre-planning?
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Funeral planning can be overwhelming for families who may be unfamiliar with the planning process or are unsure of what to expect. We have seen families and loved ones go through difficult decision-making within a tight timeframe, all while coping with grief. That shouldn’t be how funerals are done.

Planning in advance can help provide a peace of mind for families when they understand the funeral planning process better and know what to consider when it comes to arranging one.

Casket Fairprice offer free pre-planning consultation services for families who are keen to discuss funeral matters beforehand or are interested to learn more about the funeral process in Singapore. Book a free consultation with us today and receive a free funeral guide e-booklet, no obligations.

Your loved one is on their final journey / nearing their final days

Doctors / Nurses have told you to start preparing

You want to be financially and mentally prepared

You want to know what to do when death occurs

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Why should I preplan?
Funeral providers can offer a wide range of services from rental of facilities for the funeral ceremony and managing the family’s paperwork for burial or cremation plans, to arranging for vehicles for the burial or cremation. They can also offer a directory of funeral directors, advisors and undertakers in Singapore, carry out embalming services, assist in catering food for funeral guests etc. Funeral providers are essentially one-stop funeral coordinators to help you prepare and arrange for a smooth funeral process for your beloved one.
Can I pre-plan for my mother / father / loved ones?
Yes, definitely! We do advocate pre-planning for your loved ones as they are approaching their final journey. Most of the clients who pre-plan with us are actually doing so for their parents/grandparent who are nearing their final days. There are many benefits to doing so, and are not limited to:

  • Being able to be there for your family when the death of your loved one occurs, instead of having to deal with the hassle of contacting funeral companies and comparing quotes
  • Having the time and ability to discuss matters with your family members
  • Selecting a trusted funeral service provider through your research, instead of settling for any random company during your moment of panic and anxiousness
  • When you preplan, you are able to make sound decisions with a cool and level-headed mind
  • Staying prepared and knowing how much to set aside for funeral expenses
  • and many more!

When you pre-plan, you let us know ahead of time how you want things done. Let us be there for you during your time of need by chatting with us prior. That way, when the time comes, we are only a phone call away and we will handle the heavy lifting for you.

My family thinks that pre-planning is not auspicious!

The prospect of a family member’s death is a discussion that most people may be uncomfortable with and would not like to have. In fact, some elderly may even deem pre-planning to be inauspicious. However, if you approach it objectively and go through the practicalities, they can be more open to the idea and be accepting of you wanting to give them a proper and dignified send-off.

Why should I do a consultation with Casket Fairprice?
  1. Complimentary consultation! – No charges will be incurred as we simply want to assist clients in their pre-planning process
  2. No-obligations – When you speak to us, you are not tied down to our services.
  3. Free resources – After our consultation with you, we will provide you with free guides and copies to help you in your pre-planning process
  4. Wealth of Experience – Casket Fairprice has been established since 1993, and we have helped thousands of families through the funeral process
  5. A Phone Call Away – During the consultation,

Pre-plan with Casket Fairprice!

Can I pre-pay for the package?
Unfortunately, we do not offer our packages on a pre-paid basis. All payment for funeral packages are handled after the completion of the funeral.


What People are Saying

“Hassle Free​”
“Saw Casket Fairprice that does fetus funeral service with keepsake jewelry services. Glad that i engaged Casket Fairprice for my baby funeral and very appreciative aof their services during this difficult period for me and my family. Whole process are hassle free and staff Ailin and Vivien very friendly and caring! Would recommend them if considering one.”

Tina Ong 

“Patient, Polite and Prompt”
“Ailin was assigned to assist us in our mum’s funeral. She was patient, polite and prompt in handling our queries and special requests. Thank you Ailin! As a company, it helps greatly that Casket Fairprice is professional and transparent in their pricing. I would recommend Casket Fairprice!”

Kelly Chua

“Professional and Detailed”
“Within an hour contacting Vivien, Ming Liang arrived and explained the procedures. Very professional and detailed. He would attend to our queries very promptly and with great patience. His knowledge of the practice helped to smoothen the whole funeral process. Thank you Ming Liang for guiding us through our dad’s last journey.”

Thomas Yip

“​Package was Comprehensive”
“Like to thank Roger and his team for helping to send my dad off. Package was comprehensive and service was satisfactory. Venue is clean and peaceful so worth considering if no intention of holding the wake at the void deck.”

Edwin Yap